I’ve always loved Filofaxes call me a geek or a nerd if you like, but there is something so satisfying about writing in a notebook that you can reorganise, store or delete sections of easily. I am probably going to be doing a youtube of my Tarot journaling just to show you how I use different sections to organise my thoughts and learning, but I haven’t started yet. I currently use a saffiano A5 for my Tarot work, in a light blue colour that I love.  I think A5 is a very handy size for journaling, it allows quite a good amount of space to write and draw as you wish.

For day-to-day, I have a separate personal size that is zippable. I have a couple of other Filofaxes, an A5 for my house diary and another for my book of shadows. You get the picture I like a Filofax. And now analogue living is making a come back – all hail fountain pens and beautiful notebooks. I don’t get the whole journal decorating scene tho, this is a workspace.  Yes, stickers are fun but for me, it’s about content and usage. if that’s your thing though, don’t mind me.


I like Filofaxes, did I say that already? I think they are a worthwhile investment (they are generally not a cheap option compared with a blank notebook) for anyone who wants to track anything. There are a lot of inserts available on Etsy that will allow you to track anything or with a bit of effort and a printer you can definitely create your own custom inserts to track whatever you want, be it Tarot cards or housecleaning.

Biddy Tarot has a Planner for sale, I like Biddy’s style and site, I think the teaching is good, but the training courses are a little on the expensive side – I have followed one of her previous courses it was a considered purchase. To me, this has always been the kind of thing you can do for yourself. Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack, Marcus Katz and Alison Cross all have workbook type of book that you can use to journal with.

Anyway back to my Journal

The main section is a calendar type section with a month over 4 days. This I use to record any appointments, birthdays and card of the day. I also have a card frequency tracker here, to count how often I put up each different card.

The next section is on Readings I’ve done for myself and layouts that I find useful.

Then comes a section for books that I have read and that I want to read, this is both fiction and non-fiction and not just tarot based. Finally, I have listed my decks and a wish list for decks. I also have sections for planning my planning, and what plans I’ll be planning in what Filofax, its a complicated life

Well, I might get round to that video at some point but we are stuck in the land of words just now, and that’s not such a bad thing.  I’d love to hear from anyone who reads this, even a hi would be great!

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