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I have just started re-reading Mary K.Greers awesome Tarot workbook “Tarot for yourself”. It’s an excellent way to work with the tarot to take the your knowledge up a step, and to apply it to your own life. Its still in print and well worth picking up to work through. I must admit early in my tarot career, if you’d call it that, I was very lazy daisy about the followthrough when working with kind of book. I think you need to set yourself the challenge to see these things to the end!

Anyway I thought it would be fun to blog some of the exercises as I do them. The first section asks you to answer some questions about your current understanding of Tarot and what you want to gain from the process of working with the book.

What is the Tarot?

The tarot is a set of 78 cards that are structured in a particular way. It is split into two halves, the first 22 are known as major arcana (these are archetypal cards, representing major influences affecting the person) followed by the 56 cards of the Minor arcana ( representing the more of the day to day variety of events)

The minor arcana split into 4 suits of 14 cards, from Ace to 10 followed but a Page, Knight,

Queen and King.

What is the purpose of the tarot cards?

These cards are used to explore thought, ideas and influences that are around a person at that given point in time. I think the tarot is a mirror of the current circumstance. I do think you can also catch glimpses of the future in it also, but this is not fixed.

What do I want to learn from the Tarot?

I want to learn to connect to my subconscious and use it to understand myself, my past (which is quite difficult for me to work with) as a device to aid me in healing

What are you hoping to gain from this workbook?

I am hoping that working through the exercises with give me a structured plan with which to explore the Arcana and to build on the working relationship that I have with it. To deepen and grow in my tarot work.

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Tarot for yourself – Mary K Greer

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