This weeks card of the Week is Judgement – or as it’s called in the Crowleyverse “Aeon”.


Traditionally the judgement cards depicts the dead rising from their graves to the Angels call on Judgement Day. To me, it’s always been quite a mysterious card, with its Christian symbolism that doesn’t quite translate to my mindset, and actually, what does it mean to a non-Christian? It’s about accountability on one level, and the next stage of your journey. You have to understand and accept your past to face the future honestly, accepting (and atoning for)your past actions is hard and brings to birth a new you.

Crowley redefined this card when he made his deck and declared this concept of judgement (the second death, hell etc) abrogate.  The card Crowley created he called ‘Aeon’  after his belief that we have entered a new age – the age of Horus…  a time in which humanity will move away from the sacrificial and damnation of the old gods of Christianity, Judaism or Islam. In Crowley’s theories there have been 3 ages in human history – that of Isis (the mother), Osiris (The Father), and finally now Horus the Child. The new age brings about a change where we move away from the paternal and maternal influences of the past, it the age where we can take our rightful place as adults in the universe.

So though I do believe this card is about rebirth, awakening, and to an extent ‘judgement’ but not in the traditional fashion. Maybe awakening to the fact there is no Judgement or second death (hell etc) and to a large extent, you are free to worship, or not as you choose.

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