Depression/Anxiety and the Tarot

Depression isn’t pretty, it invades every sector of a persons life souring the things that once brought joy making them a source of torment rather than pleasure. Instead of seeing the joy of your beautiful tarot collection, you see the money spent, or the decks you couldn’t connect with. It’s a horrible monster that distorts your view of the good that does actually surround you.


I’ve battled with a form of PTSD on and off for a few years, mostly I am quite well, but anxious/stress panic moments occur and times when I feel like a failure, at these times I have what I call safety checks I have to perform. These feeling do always eventually invade my relationship with the tarot, making it seem foolish or futile. It makes just living hard, let alone anything else.

I think a lot of my problems stem from a childhood that was slightly chaotic, I have fairly low self-esteem. I keep trying to build myself up, without sounding bigheaded. I am good at tarot, I’m good at lots of stuff. And so are you.

I have a few tips for taroting when you are feeling this way (I’m not a doctor, please see a doctor – none of this constitutes medical advice).

  1. Seek professional help, go before things get harder. Talk to friends. CBT cognitive behaviour therapy could be an option.
  2. Take a break from Tarot if you need to. Don’t do anything rash like flog them on eBay you’ll regret it, put your cards away and concentrate on feeling better about yourself.
  3. Try and do something that will improve your living conditions, tidy things away, out the rubbish out.
  4. Live in the now, try some mindfulness – you can download an app from the interwebs. It’s hard but worrying about tomorrow won’t help if you can do something do it.
  5. Take a walk, take a few. Have a long soak in the bath. Put some happy music/tv on.
  6. Remember that you are a being of unfathomable power and potential, yes you are.
  7. Try to being thankful. Work on a list of the good things that you see.
  8. Remember this is a chemical or hormonal imbalance, it’s not you yourself
  9. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend feeling similar, put yourself to be bed early and rest, eat good food. Speak kindly and gently.
  10. Speak to your doctor, yes I know I said it already, but I’m a nag.

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