The Enigma of the 2 of Disks

I love the 2 of Disks image in the Crowley Thoth Tarot, the crowned Ouroboros serpent, wrapped around in a figure of 8, lemniscate infinity symbol. I even have a print of the card on my bedroom wall that’s how much I love it. The only other card I have on the wall is the Princess of Disks (I really like her as well!)

The colours, pinky purples, blues and black, and the imagery of the card are really appealing to me but what does it mean? img_0140.jpg

The twos are traditionally seen as the beginning of something. In the Disks case, this means the beginning of manifestation in the realm of the physical (Disks are Earth). The symbol also means balance. It’s that tipping point when an idea starts to become an actual thing. The thought gets expressed on the paper. You gather the tools, materials and start the job. The planning stage might need revising at some stage but for now it’s down to business. It’s about circles of birth and death, growth and change. When you start anything there could be wobbles – hence the need for balance, you don’t learn to ride a bicycle without a wee scrape here and there. Be ready for setbacks, but be ready for set forwards as well. (set-forwards I just made that up did you notice?)

In the Thoth deck, this card is titled ‘Change’, and creation (with its twin destruction) is the ultimate change in our worlds. Sometimes we need to stop and take stock of things. Sometimes we need to stop or destroy ideas. But with this card, it is time to move again, time to stop stopping, stagnating, and let what needs to flow, flow. Change is infinite like the Ouroboros that eats its own tail eternally, it is constantly renewing itself as it destroys itself.

What needs renewing for you just now? What ideas are you having that you need to act to bring into physically manifestation? What does the two of disks mean to you?

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