Meditation is a thing i do

Meditation is a thing

Meditation can be a bit boring when you think about, just sitting there just doing nothing, thinking nothing, relaxing.  I think that is what puts the vast majority of people off, we just don’t have time to stop for a nothing break, there’s so much that needs to be done.  Also we are caught up in the superficial world of social media. If I spent as much time writing as I did FBing and using Instagram, well I guess those best-selling novels would have been written by now.


IMG_4513Most of the things we need to do should have been done yesterday, if the truth was told, we all live in a catch up mode at times, relentlessly chasing our tails, round and round. That Hamster-wheeling is also the main reason why we should stop to give our minds a rest once a day at the very least, because they deserve it. Your brain really does deserve a vacation. I actually love the times I am able to disconnect from the world of FB and forget it for a while. Its perfectly blissful to have nothing on your mind. There is no other way to describe it.

The body gets to sit about all day, but the mind very very rarely gets a chance to escape the relentless processes of remembering, planning and worrying. How is that fair? It’s just not really is it?  Equality for body and mind! Equal rights to long lazy days!IMG_8619

I have recently tried to work on making my meditation more mindful, focusing on the breath and staying in the body. I have found this, along with giving my body the early night and long sleeps it craves, gives me an increased desire to write. Which is what I feel I want to be doing with my time, rather that feeling Im wasting time on unproductive scrolling. I want to be here, this is enjoyable and I have more ideas – how magic is that? Respect you mind, give it exercise but give it deep relaxation also.

A good way to start with meditation and slowing your mind down, is to buy an app for your phone, something like headspace or calm would do nicely, but there are others out there. They each have some free content that will give you 3-5 minutes of guided mediation a day. 3-5 minutes is great. It sounds so minor but when you sit to do it, sometimes getting yourself to the seat is the hardest thing you can do, it will be worthwhile. Try to set an alarm on your phone at a set time each day – for me its 6.15 as thats when I can get away to myself the easiest. But pick a daily time that suits. Turn up to the mat, it’s two minutes, you wont miss anything on facebook in two minutes. How many days have you spent scrolling the same old updates? Get that time back in your hands!

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