The great distractors (another epic rant brought to you by

You’re welcome

I hate social media, I partake every day, but I hate it. I hate how it has stolen my ability to just sit and read a book or do something like take a walk without photoing every stage. I always have to be checking something, or updating something.

IMG_8758I have goals to meet on my apple watch, its just another robot pressure. I am not a robot. My work life is gradually being automated out of existence, very soon there will be nothing for me to do except serve my robot overlords, as the capitalist system devours itself.

I am not feeling very positive today, you might have noticed. That’s ok thought I have very real fears about the future of this country we seem to be careering (or not careering in my case) head first into abject misery while the rich get richer and richer, and the workers rights get stripped back to nothing. (The 1% took something like 80% of the wealth generated last year )

How has this blog gone from the distractions of social media to my worries about the future of this not very great nation? I think the two are tied, we are being distracted by these devices more and more. We are growing into a society that only does things for other people to see, for appearance. Nothing has much depth or true content these days, everyone is a talent show, and god help you if you fail.  I saw someone jokingly post on FB a 3 year old giving a tutorial to make something (I forget what the make was) Everyone is so wound up in showing and watching, that no one is actually doing anything, learning anything or creating, and we are all the poorer for it. I know kids who would rather watch a youtube of a lego toy being unboxed than actually unbox the bloody thing themselves – wtaf is that all about? Can someone please explain this to me? I want my blog to be different. I even joined blog mailing lists that say make up two or three blogs then stop to just market for the rest of time, holy hell thats not a blog mate, call it whatever you like but it’s not a blog. I’ll be honest IDGAF how many people I reach. I am writing for me. If you read it – great, I hope you get something from it, even if its just the rage. But we all need to break away from the Watcher/Presenter mentality thats got us all ‘hustling’ for crumbs from the big table.

It’s shit. I want to go back to the days where I could read a book in a week. Where I could go places without the urge to document it. Everyone is damn journalist these days, every one is talking and no one is listening.

Now I know I should be thinking positive and attracting only good vibes while I hustle and find my tribe, but theres not enough coffee in the world to take me to that point right now.


Rant ends 😀


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