Reversals ya or nah

A thing that seems to come up time and again on any forum or group I’m a member of is the age-old dilemma of reversals. In why do some people read Tarot reversals while others don’t? I have seen both sides judging fellow readers on whether they do or do not pay attention to which side up a card is facing. The arguments being that you are missing a lot of extra meaning and nuance if you don’t read reversals. This is countered with the ‘I use my intuition to know’ line 🙂 that’s the one I use generally

I have never read reversals, as they seem to somehow interfere with my process, they threw me into a tailspin generally. I don’t mean I can’t think of the meaning or relate meanings to the question at hand. But when they come up I tend to then over think them and this then can interfere with the flow for me.  I have found that my intuition is quite capable of telling when a card drawn has a negative aspect highlighted.  I also find that the fact that some cards in the deck are the wrong way round also limit the combinations that come up this is just my opinion.


Ultimately though it is the readers choice whether they take these into account or just right side them when they come up. Looking down our noses at each other’s processes and methods is a bit of snobby whichever way it is given.



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