10 of Cups

In this 10 card we see a family in their moment of happiness and completion. The children are dancing and the adults have their arms around each other, and raised to the rainbow of Cups in the Sky. This is a joyful card, but one that lies at the end of a sequence of cards... Continue Reading →

Page of wands

Todays card is The Page of Wands from the Mermaid tarot by Dame Darcy. I really like this deck for the comics book graphics but reads with a depth that is satisfying.  The Tarot Pages typically and traditional relate to messages being received, and projects in the learning or development stages. The Wand cards relate... Continue Reading →

Ace of swords

Going to try and mini blog once a day! I’m sat in my back garden on Easter Monday, Scotland is in lockdown and I’ve been off my tarot game for weeks. However I’m gradually starting to feel the need to do some constructive things. This blog is one of them along side ukulele playing and … Read more

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