10 of Cups

In this 10 card we see a family in their moment of happiness and completion. The children are dancing and the adults have their arms around each other, and raised to the rainbow of Cups in the Sky.

This is a joyful card, but one that lies at the end of a sequence of cards and cycles, you worked hard to get here. Enjoy this victory now. There is some permanence here, the foundations of something that will stand the test of time, a home, a relationship.

It also reminds us that energy is never static for long. Rainbows don’t stay for ever but thankfully neither does the rain. This card holds promises of a happier times and brighter outlooks ahead. When it arrives grab it with both hands and dance with it for as long as you can. The wheel will move on again and again.

I’m reminded as I write this post of how important it is to live and be happy in the now. I find so often I’m mentally blazing into the future with plans, and what could or should do or be. This living out of time is great to certain extent as it allows us to plan and achieve our goals. However this moment now, this second, this victory occurring at the moment is so important. Be it five minutes to sit in the sun or the completion of your life’s work, this moment deserves your full attention – after all it was what you spent yesterday dreaming of!

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