Tarot birth and destiny cards

Working out your birth tarot cards using numerolgy

2021 in Tarot cards - Tarot de Marseilles

Yesterday I wrote about how you could calculate your card of the year, the card that for you will be the overall theme of your year 2021. Today I am going to look at the other cards that you can use to understand yourself and your life – You birth card or as some call it Destiny card. To find this card for yourself you need to add together your date of birth and reducing it down to a number between 1-21.  These number can then be mapped against the card from the Major Arcana of Tarot

There are few methods out there on how to do this, this is the method I use:


Example 1 – if your birthday was 3rd March 1980 you would add each number  3+3+1+9+8+0 = 24  then reduce this down  by adding 2+4 = 6

So your Birth or destiny card is 6 or the Lovers card


Example 2 for birthday  21 Oct 1970

2+1+1+0+1+9+7+0  = 21

2+1 = 3

So Birth card/destiny card can be either/both 3 and 21 – The Empress and the World.

Image of the empress and world card from Marseilles tarot


You can then look at the cards and decide what this means for you in your life. Listed below are my very brief and basic thoughts on each of the 21 Major cards as a destiny card. In order to understand how these relate to you fully you would need to do a deeper investigation into the card itself.

0 – Fool – Taking chances, striking out in new directions

1 – Magician – Making things happen, business acumen

2 – High Priestess – Psychic world, knowledge and learning

3 – Empress – Creation and affection 

4 – Emperor – Order and control

5 – Hierophant – Beliefs structures and education

6 – Lovers – Choices and contracts

7 – Chariot – Movement and aligning opposites

8 – Justice – Law and fairness – obtaining natural justice

9 – Hermit – Self containment, being self sufficient 

10 – Wheel of Fortune – Karmic life cycles, luck

11 – Strength – Gentleness, self control, strength 

12 – Hanged man – Sacrifice or alternative life choices

13 – Death – Transformation and metamorphosing  

14 – Temperance – Balance and hybridisation

15 – The Devil – Materialism, hedonism, excess or addiction

16 – The Tower – overturning, destruction, clearing

17 – The Star – Hope, light, healing 

18 – The Moon – Mysteries, psychic abilities, shadows

19 – The Sun – Joy, strength 

20 – Judgement – Rebirth, Renewal, having a calling

21 – The World – Completion, Perfection, new cycles

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