2021 – A year of Light

2020 was a hard year for a lot of people, grief, loss of livelihood, not being able to spend time with those most important to us. These things have all taken a toll.

For myself I found it a time that I was very close to sinking into depression on multiple occasions, even tho I have been very lucky to be able to work through this from home. I ( like, well, everyone ) really need this year to be easier which is why I have picked my Word of 2021 to be Light. I want to draw more light into my life this year, and build up that positive energy of a new year to make is so strong that it will last me the whole of 2021.

The word Light can be used across many situations – Lighten Up – be more positive — this is not a nag, scolding or mockery of myself, but a genuine call to myself to relax and laugh more. A call to eat less stodgy foods, which in turn with lighten the load on my digestive system which in turn may lead me to loose a few pounds, which is very much needed. In order to make the best of this energy I have designed a Lighten Up 2021 tarot spread for myself – it consists of 4 cards

Card One – Light of Fire – represents how to Lighten up Spirit

Card Two – Light of Water – How to lighten up my relationships

Card Three – Light of Air – How to lighten up my mind and thought

Card four – Light of earth – How to lighten the load on my body

This is not to say the darkness doesn’t have a place in our world it does but this year I really feel the need to let go of the negativity that has build up around me recently that I would like to dispel.     

Im still pondering my thoughts on the below results but I might share them at some-point!

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