Keeping up Tarot in a pandemic

Times are hard for so many people just now and it’s very hard to keep up with our interests, even if we have more time than ever before. Mental burn out is affecting the way we operate, the less we do, the less we want to do. This is how things are for me right now. I am desperate to make the most of the time the current situation is giving me but somehow I always end up either scrolling for hours through facebook or playing mindless games.

The good news is that you don’t have to do everything everyday, and just because you aren’t reading and studying daily doesn’t make you any less of a reader, magickan or witch. And there are steps you can take to pull yourself out of the doldrums.

  1. Be kind to you, beating yourself over missing a routine doesn’t help anything
  2. Simplify, maybe bring your practise down to one or two things . Ticking off Meditating for 5 minutes and reading your card of the day is better than trying to do an hours meditation, yoga and study and failing.
  3. Try something new, join a facebook group, read a new book – moving to fresh process can help get things moving again.
  4. If it doest happen then it doesn’t happen that day, try again tomorrow or next week.

The Crystal Ball 1902 by John William Waterhouse

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