Myths about tarot:

So there’s a lot of misinformation out there about the tarot, what it is and what it can do. Who should read it and how they should do it. There are even folk who will gatekeep the community saying – only such and such type of people can read… you can only read if you grannies grannie was a witch. Nonsense, tarot takes influence from and belongs to the world as a whole. I don’t want to step on any toes round here but to my mind tarot is of European origin, there are french traditions and Italian traditions and these have been exported round the world over hundreds of years – no one owns it…

Come at me I’ll fight you

Tarot tells the future 

– Tarot can tell the future….. but the most accurate way to tell the future is to be in charge of the decisions you make and blaze your own trail. Determine what it is you want and make it happen. Tarot can reflect what you are feeling inside and give hints on how to harness energy but unless you are following thru then it’s not magic – Sorry! 

Tarot readers are psychics or mediums

 – Now this isnt necessarily false, because lots of mediums and psychic use tarot to help them in their process, however you don’t have to be a born psychic to use tarot, and you can use Tarot to develop yourself psychically 

You must be gifted your tarot deck

-this is an attempt to keep tarot as a closed shop, theres nothing unlucky about purchasing your own deck. And if it worries you then buy the deck and wrap it up nice then address the gift label to you from you.. problem solved… srsly I’ve bought a crazy amount of decks over the years.

Tarot is had fixed meanings

-Yes and no. There are definite meanings to specific cards. however these meaning have shifted over time and if you see something new in a card or intuit something different that is in the book then that’s valid.

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