The High Priestess

The last card - the Magician is high energy and will - it’s a doing card and making things happen card. By contrast the next card the High Priestess is almost withdrawal from the outside world, they are focused on the inner working of the soul, or being. Higher Learning and spirituality is highlighted. In... Continue Reading →

The Magus or Magician

Continuing our exploration of the Major Arcana this Card numbered 1 is actually the second card in the deck The chaos of the Fool’s no plan approach starts to take form into some real creative impetus - the Magician is a creative and uses his or her will to bring ideas from the mind into... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Major Arcana

So I wanted to do some posts about the Major arcana, the first 22 Cards of the deck. Like everyone seems to do on their sites. I know it's the same old boring same but hear me out 🙂 Basically the tarot is 78 card which is structure in two parts 22 major cards and... Continue Reading →

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