Exploring the Major Arcana

So I wanted to do some posts about the Major arcana, the first 22 Cards of the deck. Like everyone seems to do on their sites. I know it’s the same old boring same but hear me out 🙂

Basically the tarot is 78 card which is structure in two parts 22 major cards and 56 minor cards.

So you know the cards with the funky names like the Lovers and Death.Thats the major Arcana. Arcana just means secret, really so the Major Arcana is the Major or Big secrets 🙂 and when these cards show in a reading they describe the major energies or influences around you just now. So you could think of them as being big events, or major life checkpoints, whereas the minor arcana cards being more everyday occurrences…

The major Arcana has a definite structure or procession of cards and archetypes, sometimes they are named a little differently in different decks, they can also be ordered slightly differently but there is a definite procession of energy that moves from card 0 – card 21. The first card in the Majors is:

The Fool

The Fool is first but also the last card in the deck and creates an infinate loop from the beginning to end, an endless cycle. The Fool is the soul or the being on the first steps of their life journey. They don’t have much in the way of possessions or plan. They seem almost oblivious to the world around them, innocent and carefree.. and as you can see that level of detachment can almost having you walking off a cliff. The dog at their heels is bounding along with them but seems to be warning them to reconnect with the earth before they come a cropper! This is the card of beginnings and journeys, of the soul looking for direction, one who is about to embark on a new stage.. the card that follow it in the major arcana are the life lessons that the Fool learns on his or her path.

Card is from – (C) Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot Published by Lo Scarabeo 2019

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