The Magus or Magician

Continuing our exploration of the Major Arcana this Card numbered 1 is actually the second card in the deck

The chaos of the Fool’s no plan approach starts to take form into some real creative impetus – the Magician is a creative and uses his or her will to bring ideas from the mind into tangible results. 

The magic of bringing ideas to life, and energy associated has lots of positives. However like all tarot cards it has flip side – a negative end of the battery – the magician is a fast energy, and can be quite tricksy…  it is the card of a card shark someone looking for a quick result and may not too bothered about how that is achieved. 

When you see the Magician in your cards you know that now is the time to be active, it’s not a thinking stage. And that may mean doing something before you are quite ready, which can be uncomfortable. The energy of the Magician is Fake it til you make it!

The Magician from the Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

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