The High Priestess

The last card – the Magician is high energy and will – it’s a doing card and making things happen card. By contrast the next card the High Priestess is almost withdrawal from the outside world, they are focused on the inner working of the soul, or being. Higher Learning and spirituality is highlighted.

In being wholly oneself without need for outside influence while being open to the external world to new experiences and knowledge. Both a sponge and a filter to the world, drinking things in and retaining what is of value. The Priestess sits before a curtain behind which lies the secrets of the temple which they guard. They are self contained and may come off as aloof or withdrawal to a world that thrives on loudness and bustling energy. We have little time for silence and stillness, but what society fails to see often is the deep well of strength that lies beneath this energy . It would be wrong to say the priestess is passive but she is reflective and may frustrate those who’s desire is for action and movement.

The High Priestess – LoScarabeo – Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot

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