The Empress

Lying back in a field of flowers surrounded by the lushness of summer, the Empress is in the early days of her pregnancy. She is serene and beautiful the very image of Venus the goddess of love. It’s pretty wonderful right….

Sorry to say this is all about to change, I don’t want to put you in fear but there is some labour ahead as she produces her child, her creative output… things are going to get hard and heavy and maybe a little sick inducing. The cards image of the empress being pregnant and luxuriating is far far from the pregnancy experiences of most woman (or trans birthing people sorry if I’ve not expressed that properly!), who often work until the last stages of the process if not in the workplace then at home raising other children and taking care of business. This ideal is a fantasy, an uneducated one, of women having an easy time of care work, just lying about all comfortable and relaxed. In reality pregnancy is bloody hard work, I know that and I’ve never been pregnant. Not only that, but the labyrinth of information and hormonal changes she has to navigate, and back pain, morning (read all-day) sickness is just the start of it. 

So what is it I’m trying to say about the Empress here, she’s incredible she makes it look like magic. It is magic… creative work is magic in honesty.. But underneath it all there’s some bloody hard work going on to make this all happen.. And sometimes it comes out perfect, sometimes you may get more that you expect, other-times the process will sadly not reach the term. It’s exhausting it takes time and energy to create something of worth, it’s not all sitting about waiting for it to fall into your lap. Man or Woman or Trans we all have this ability for alchemy within, to create, to take a base metal and turn it into gold.. But its not always going to be a walk in the garden, so buckle up queen.

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