The Emperor

The Emperor is the next card in the deck, the Emperor is all about bringing order to the chaos, control and organisation…  If you thinking these cards are flip-flopping being male and female, energy and order / chaos – you’d be right! We are moving with these cards on the tree of life as they shift between to the 3 pillars -Dark/light/Neutral, masculine/feminine/non binary, yin/yang/balance constantly.*

Not one of the tarot card encompasses the entire spectrum of life (except the fool maybe) – instead they both contain and spring from each other, they react to each other like in chemistry class – sometimes you get an explosion, sometimes they bond, sometimes the repulse, sometimes it’s a healing elixir, and others days it’s all a stinking mess! Anyway It can end up feeling like a bit of a seesaw….

The Emperor is traditionally the old fashioned view of archetypal father of the tarot, trying to direct and control everything- at his worst he is a tyrant… but at his best he is the loving protecting ideal parent who wants nothing more to give and protect.

This card says It’s a time to act in your own best interest even if that is difficult or painful, time to step up and fight your own battles. When he shows up in your reading you need to remember that energy and urge to control should be tempered with love and freedom – otherwise all you have is a tyrant. It’s a time to start focusing on action and organisation, but remember Emperors don’t do everything alone, and while it feels like you need to control everything and do everything maybe sharing the responsibilities and allowing others some control may help both them and you.

Alternatively it may show up when you feel like you are under the rigid control of another who is directing your life, this maybe causing you to be stifled. It may also highlight the feelings you have about your own father.. and complex emotions around that relationship. It might be a sign that you need to do something about this situation to take back the control for yourself.

*A note I need to make about Positive and negative, yin and yang, darkness and light, Male and Female – These are archetypal ideas and not actual beings. (Archetypes in Jungian theory) a primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors, and supposed to be present in the collective unconscious. A person isn’t the emperor or any other card, they can show aspects of that energy but that all really it is just aspects.

None of it is a value judgement or saying one it better than the other, or that you are either one or the other you can be all or none of it – it’s all is what it is energy and love. However Negative, Dark and Female – when you write about those things relating together it sounds pretty awful doesn’t it? However you need to think of Darkness as rest, of renewal, of creativity as soothing, The darkness of the womb and the void.. Also we need to start thinking beyond these values for each other it’s all so last millennium.

You are wonderfully uniquely you.

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