The Hierophant

Next in the line of majors is the Hierophant, according to the online ‘a person who interprets and explains esoteric mysteries”  I feel this card connects us with our desires to understand the universe in a deeper way below the surface of society. 

The desire we have to know the creator, the desire that drives religions to explain and create structures around that knowledge and understanding.  To creation definitions of God and what is right or wrong.

This card describes a teacher who is able to help you on your path of faith and belief someone who might be a guide or friend.

On a mundane level this card can mean things like Baptisms or marriages or the officiation of the church over some aspect of life.

 I personally don’t subscribe to the mindset of organised religious but the card does to some extent represent that world and environment. It can mean you are just trying to know something of the other realms, or maybe you are looking for the certainty that organised religions can bring, or just needing structure in your life. Or it could be you are longing to free yourself for the yokes of outdated beliefs.

Religious freedom is so important now more than ever, we have hard line factions of Christians and Muslims trying to dictate things for all. I have my own beliefs and ways and do not want to be threatened by these systems who are happy to remove the rights of others for their own benefits and ultimately to use their interpretations of teaching for control reasons.

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