2021 – A year of Light

2020 was a hard year for a lot of people, grief, loss of livelihood, not being able to spend time with those most important to us. These things have all taken a toll. For myself I found it a time that I was very close to sinking into depression on multiple occasions, even tho I... Continue Reading →

Just things about mental health

Pre-amble..... I’m not very good at not just launching myself into my blogging. By which I mean when I read other peoples blogs they have a nice pace, do introductions etc - they do writing that doesn’t just fling you in at the deep end, sorry I’m not so good at that. Hold your nose... Continue Reading →

Depression/Anxiety and the Tarot

Depression isn't pretty, it invades every sector of a persons life souring the things that once brought joy making them a source of torment rather than pleasure. Instead of seeing the joy of your beautiful tarot collection, you see the money spent, or the decks you couldn't connect with. It's a horrible monster that distorts... Continue Reading →

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