The Magus or Magician

Continuing our exploration of the Major Arcana this Card numbered 1 is actually the second card in the deck The chaos of the Fool’s no plan approach starts to take form into some real creative impetus - the Magician is a creative and uses his or her will to bring ideas from the mind into... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Major Arcana

So I wanted to do some posts about the Major arcana, the first 22 Cards of the deck. Like everyone seems to do on their sites. I know it's the same old boring same but hear me out 🙂 Basically the tarot is 78 card which is structure in two parts 22 major cards and... Continue Reading →

Tarot birth and destiny cards

Working out your birth tarot cards using numerolgy Yesterday I wrote about how you could calculate your card of the year, the card that for you will be the overall theme of your year 2021. Today I am going to look at the other cards that you can use to understand yourself and your life... Continue Reading →

2021 – new year cards.

Tarot can be used in numerous ways, as a predictive tool, a self examination tool, as a means of reviewing your past or even past lives. But did you know there are certain cards that are linked to you via your star sign or via your birth date. You even have a card of the... Continue Reading →

Ace of swords

Going to try and mini blog once a day! I’m sat in my back garden on Easter Monday, Scotland is in lockdown and I’ve been off my tarot game for weeks. However I’m gradually starting to feel the need to do some constructive things. This blog is one of them along side ukulele playing and... Continue Reading →

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