The Hierophant

Next in the line of majors is the Hierophant, according to the online ‘a person who interprets and explains esoteric mysteries”  I feel this card connects us with our desires to understand the universe in a deeper way below the surface of society.  The desire we have to know the creator, the desire that... Continue Reading →

The Emperor

The Emperor is the next card in the deck, the Emperor is all about bringing order to the chaos, control and organisation…  If you thinking these cards are flip-flopping being male and female, energy and order / chaos - you’d be right! We are moving with these cards on the tree of life as they... Continue Reading →

The High Priestess

The last card - the Magician is high energy and will - it’s a doing card and making things happen card. By contrast the next card the High Priestess is almost withdrawal from the outside world, they are focused on the inner working of the soul, or being. Higher Learning and spirituality is highlighted. In... Continue Reading →

Exploring the Major Arcana

So I wanted to do some posts about the Major arcana, the first 22 Cards of the deck. Like everyone seems to do on their sites. I know it's the same old boring same but hear me out 🙂 Basically the tarot is 78 card which is structure in two parts 22 major cards and... Continue Reading →

Myths about tarot:

So there's a lot of misinformation out there about the tarot, what it is and what it can do. Who should read it and how they should do it. There are even folk who will gatekeep the community saying - only such and such type of people can read... you can only read if you... Continue Reading →

Terribly rubbish at updates

Here I am looking at my blog and realising it's been months since I published anything. I have no real excuses as I'm finding plenty of time to mindlessly scroll through the book of faces and watch youtube reaction videos... apparently. I need to get myself back on track with my tarot work as it's... Continue Reading →

10 of Cups

In this 10 card we see a family in their moment of happiness and completion. The children are dancing and the adults have their arms around each other, and raised to the rainbow of Cups in the Sky. This is a joyful card, but one that lies at the end of a sequence of cards... Continue Reading →

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