2021 – A year of Light

2020 was a hard year for a lot of people, grief, loss of livelihood, not being able to spend time with those most important to us. These things have all taken a toll. For myself I found it a time that I was very close to sinking into depression on multiple occasions, even tho I... Continue Reading →

Tarot birth and destiny cards

Working out your birth tarot cards using numerolgy Yesterday I wrote about how you could calculate your card of the year, the card that for you will be the overall theme of your year 2021. Today I am going to look at the other cards that you can use to understand yourself and your life... Continue Reading →

2021 – new year cards.

Tarot can be used in numerous ways, as a predictive tool, a self examination tool, as a means of reviewing your past or even past lives. But did you know there are certain cards that are linked to you via your star sign or via your birth date. You even have a card of the... Continue Reading →

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