10 of Cups

In this 10 card we see a family in their moment of happiness and completion. The children are dancing and the adults have their arms around each other, and raised to the rainbow of Cups in the Sky.

This is a joyful card, but one that lies at the end of a sequence of cards and cycles, you worked hard to get here. Enjoy this victory now. There is some permanence here, the foundations of something that will stand the test of time, a home, a relationship.

It also reminds us that energy is never static for long. Rainbows don’t stay for ever but thankfully neither does the rain. This card holds promises of a happier times and brighter outlooks ahead. When it arrives grab it with both hands and dance with it for as long as you can. The wheel will move on again and again.

I’m reminded as I write this post of how important it is to live and be happy in the now. I find so often I’m mentally blazing into the future with plans, and what could or should do or be. This living out of time is great to certain extent as it allows us to plan and achieve our goals. However this moment now, this second, this victory occurring at the moment is so important. Be it five minutes to sit in the sun or the completion of your life’s work, this moment deserves your full attention – after all it was what you spent yesterday dreaming of!

Page of wands

Todays card is The Page of Wands from the Mermaid tarot by Dame Darcy. I really like this deck for the comics book graphics but reads with a depth that is satisfying. 

The Tarot Pages typically and traditional relate to messages being received, and projects in the learning or development stages. The Wand cards relate to the element of fire, which in itself is the realm of Energy and Work. Fire transforms, it can be both creative and destructive – fire can cook our bread or burn our houses down. It’s a matter of self control and appropriate force— too much is disaster, while too little create problems and failures.

This Pages asks you to walk the balanced line between enthusiasm and endurance. Keep the keenness but moderate the flame so to not burn out all at once. This consistent application of energy will help to sustain creative forces through the coming weeks.

Ace of swords

Going to try and mini blog once a day! I’m sat in my back garden on Easter Monday, Scotland is in lockdown and I’ve been off my tarot game for weeks. However I’m gradually starting to feel the need to do some constructive things. This blog is one of them along side ukulele playing and maybe back to my Novel.

Today’s cards is the Ace of Swords – this little beauty represents the empire of the mind, the pinnacle of the air element – clear thoughts and plans – cutting the crap, cutting the delusions, back to the truth.

The truth for me is I am blessed with a safe home , a job for now and a husband who drives me crazy but loves me – these things I am grateful for right now

7 of Disks – or I’m really bored now.

Saturn in Taurus 

3rd Decan of Taurus 20-30

The 7 of disks has never been a favourite card of mine, in fact i’d say it’s a card I actively dislike — especially in a Thoth reading. 

However like all the cards, this one has a lesson for us if we are ready to hear it out. 

The Golden dawn title of this card is Lord of Success unfulfilled. The RWS deck shows us a man tending his crop, rather half-heartedly it would seem to me, leaning on his spade and almost ready to doze off. Some interpretations say he is waiting for his crop to grow, but we all know weeding and care needs to be done to make things grow well. This work may have got too hard or too boring- whatever it is, he needs to either walk away and plant something new, or, put his back into the weeding and fertilising to give his crop the best chance to grow into something of use. 

The Thoth 7 Disks is a mess of dead, black leaves – with dark coins formed into the geomantic shape “Rubeus” (an overturned glass, or inversion – meaning Good in all that is evil and Evil in all that is good). Crowley just calls it Failure – which is pretty harsh really because – you can still achieve the things you desire if you can harness the energies you need.  But you need to start making choices, and making moves, you can’t sloth about flicking thru your facebook feed all evening, nice as that is.

From the Book of Thoth:

“There is no effort here; not even dream; the stake has been thrown down, and it is lost. That is all labour itself is abandoned; everything is sunk into sloth.”

This card says you need to put some thought into the next stage of development and either become more active in what you are doing, or give up the work you have put in so far and start anew in a different field. You cannot expect your crop to grow, if you refuse to put the energy in and stand idly by in a little dolly daydream.

You might find on deeper analysis you are putting in too much work for too little reward? Or maybe you have lost your desire for the outcome you have been working for and really wish you were doing something else? — Whatever the state of play is – now is the time to stop for a moment and really analyse if you are still moving in the direction that you want to go. Or if some course adjustments are required to get you back on track? Maybe you just need a kick in the butt to get back on with the work lazy bones – “sooner begun the sooner done” as they say.

Blogging again – hopefully!

Quick blog update.

So I haven’t blogged here in over a year, but I have just renewed my site contract as I do want to share my love of tarot. After some deliberation have decided it’s about time I got my finger out and back to it, so here we are.

My plan is for a weekly blog, on decks, cards review etc maybe the odd book review. I might do some Youtube stuff as well. I’ve even joined Twitter, again, for my sins.

Come over and say Hi if you like @loutarot

Five of fire tells me the struggle is real !

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